Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy

For more information in swedish about SDR please go to: or read here.


Why did we choose to do SDR?

I guess this is the most common question I get from people who are curious about our decision.

For the last 3,5 years I (mum) have been in contact with hundreds of people (or more!) talking about cerebral palsy in every way you could think of. I have been researching every possible way to help Ludvig; for example Doman, Conductive education and Masgutova. I have been reading books almost every night, just to learn more about the brain and its functions.

You could say I am confident I have done my homework. But the most important input I got is the one from adults living with CP. Without Facebook and all great people I have met there, this decision would have been much harder to take. Being involved in the Swedish Cerebral Palsy Society has greatly helped in this process. I have gotten information I never would have come across otherwise.

All these things together made me sure SDR is the way for us to go. We choose to do it with Dr Park in USA because of the big experience he and his team got in this matter.

Why not medications?

I strongly believe medications is not helpful in the long run, it might be for a couple of years or a decade or two.  But one day it does not work anymore. And still the origin of all problems, the spasticity, is still there. One day it will show its ugly face again maybe not today or tomorrow but in 10-20 years and then it will hit hard!

This is my opinion but I know people who disagree which is just fine. We all have to choose the right path for ourselves.

Since Ludvig has such strong spasticity in early age I believe the best thing we can do for him is to reduce it as much as possible, as soon as possible – before any contractures has appeared.


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