About us

Ludvig’s family

Welcome to this webpage about 4 year old Ludvig and his family; mum Therese, dad Lars, his twin brother William and his younger sister Linnea.Ludvigomamma

Ludvig and William was born three months prematurely and Ludvig was diagnosed with spastic diplegia (cerebral palsy) when he was one year old. Both boys have been very late in motor and mental development because of their early arrival.

Even if Ludvig and William are twin brothers they have totally different personalities, Ludvig is a boy with a big open heart who connects very easily with both human and animals. He is a sensitive, compassionate boy and almost always happy!

William has a much more structured mind and has only recently opened up for connecting with friends. He has a brilliant mind and is probably really clever. In that way Ludvig is much alike his mother and William his dad. 😉


Ludvig has Cerebral Palsy

Since Ludvig has spastic diplegia (GMFCS III) he is not able to sit, stand or walk on his own. Indoor he walks with support of us parents or crawl on hands and knees. Until he was 3 years old he was doing army-crawl but since we persisted with keeping him on the floor he was able to develop his crawling and got up on hands and knees just recently.

He is a toe-walker which means his spasticity causes him to walk on his toes. He can only walk very short distances with a walker, he prefers walking with mum and dad or crawling.

When Ludvig was about 2 years old we started to do conductive education and that has been a lifesaver for us. He has been training  three times a year with conductors from Peto institute in Budapest, Hungary.

At the same time we started to use Elektrodress from Inerventions with very good results and in combination with conductive education it has kept us on track during 2,5 years. Our doctors wanted us to start do botoxinjections when Ludvig turned 2 years but we have always turned it down since we felt he has been making good progress anyway.

Until this spring.

Spasticity is a evil enemy and when Ludvig entered a growth spurt this year we could really see how it effected him. Last summer he was able to walk longer distances with his walker and put his heels down without crouching. This has been harder and harder for him and we felt something has to be done. That is why Ludvig is going to St Louis Childrens Hospital to do Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) in August, 2013.

Hopefully we will get Happy Feet 4 Ludvig and begin a new chapter, a new journey which holds a brighter future for Ludvig.


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