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This has been one of the most challenging months in my life I think. But the reward has been amazing and it is actually hard to put my feelings into words.

Ludvig and his father came home last Sunday and from that moment everything changed in our family, we are a lot happier knowing Ludvig doesn’t have to fight against spasticity all the time. That is the best gift we could ever get.

Ludvig in hospitalSo what has changed since the SDR on August 13? This is what we have noticed so far about Ludvig:

• He is more relaxed and has more energy. He does not fall asleep in the middle of the day anymore – even if he is tired.
• He is happier and talks a lot more
• He is more active, wants to play and moves around much more easily
• He is able to poop by himself (finally!)
• He is able to do reciprocal crawling
• He can walk in his walker again (stopped doing it because of pain)
• He doesn’t mind having splints all day long (they were hurting him before)
• He is able to stand flat on his feet again
• He is able to wiggle is toes and dorsiflex (lift his feet up and down)
• He is able to sit straight on a chair without falling off
• He can reach his own hands holding them over his head
• His arms are more relaxed making it easier to use his wheelchair
• He is able to ride his bobby car without screaming of pain when sitting on it

Watermarked Image2Ludvig has always been a happy boy, but now he doesn’t just have a happy mind he also has a happy body. Which means we see more of Ludvig, his own personality! And since he talks a lot more we get to know a “new” little boy. This is hard to explain but maybe you get an idea about what this family are going thru right now. The biggest relief for us parents are the fact he is not in daily pain anymore. That is a divine feeling.

And this is just the beginning. We have goals to reach, but Ludvig will set the pace and we will enjoy every day being a calmer, happier family.

Thank you St. Louis Childrens Hospital.