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When we got a date for operation in St Louis I quit reading studies about SDR, you could say I was in big need of a break. My brain literally processed SDR all day and I dreamed about Ludvig having SDR almost every night.

It was some intense weeks of reading and gathering information from all over the world. This would not have been possible without help from kind people reaching out to me offering me help in every way you could think of. I am quite overwhelmed with the kindness I have come across during these last months. Big thanks to all of you!

I feel confident this is the right way for us but I try not to think to much about the potential outcome of SDR. When looking at all videos of children who has undergone SDR with great results I don’t dare to think it will be the same way for Ludvig.

We will do as usual, take one step at a time and work our way forward. Ludvig is a fighter and I know he will do his best, just as I feel I am doing right know. It is a good feeling and I am confident Dr Park and his team will do his best to help us on this journey.

I can’t tell you how much it means to me, as a parent, that someone might be able to help us getting rid of the spasticity. Something I have been thinking about every single day since we got the diagnose in 2010.

Now I have to do the scariest thing a parent can do, put my childs life in the hands of a stranger. Please keep us in your thoughts.